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Remember taking gummy bears when you were younger? Me too! But I for one surely didn’t think one day they’d be good for my health!

CBD supplements have quickly became the go-to health supplement over recent years throughout both the UK & USA. The most popular way to take CBD is typically in an oral drop form, commonly known as a tincture.

A CBD Oil tincture is typically taken a few drops under the tongue, held there for a set amount of time and then any remaining contents will then be swallowed – this routine should be repeated around 3 times daily (morning, noon and night).

However, the latest health trend of CBD Gummy Bears in an edible and tasty form are rapidly gaining popularity and proving to be a great way to take cannabidiol on the go. These edible CBD infused gummy bears offer the same benefits of taking CBD as the other methods however these are simply a fast and tasty way to do it!

There are many reasons people are now switching towards a new way to take CBD including people now understanding how CBD interacts with the body however the main reason why people are taking to these CBD infused gummies is simply they are tasty and have great flavour!

CBD, short for cannabidiol is one of the many natural occurring chemicals found in Cannabis Sativa L known as a cannabinoid. CBD unlike THC is a cannabinoid which will never provide any sort of psychoactive or “high” effect. Instead of providing this effect associated with traditional cannabis use, CBD is renowned for providing users with potential health benefits from chronic pain to anxiety and autism.

CBD is typically a great choice for many people as it has very few, if any side effects and when compared to its potential health benefits it is easy to see why people love CBD. Not only does it have no side effects but it is also completely legal throughout the UK, Europe and all 50 states in the USA! Throughout this blog post we will take a look into why CBD Gummy Bears are becoming a big thing in the UK!

What are CBD Gummy Bears?

CBD Gummy Bears are rapidly becoming one of the UK’s favourite ways to take CBD Oil. They are gaining a lot of traction within families who want to benefit from taking CBD supplements in a way that’s both tasty and easy to take for everyone in the family including kids and adults.

To get straight to the point, a CBD gummy bear is simply a gummy bear which has been infused with CBD (Cannabidiol). When CBD is in a gummy form it becomes much easier to take due to having a great taste and chew to it! This makes it great for both kids and pets to take CBD.

CBD Gummies are exactly like the real deal in both taste and looks! They can also come in different forms such as gummies, snakes & much more! It’s not very usual that you get something that both tastes great and is good for you! Taking CBD Gummies will let you treat that sweet tooth of yours while getting proven benefits from CBD.

Simple CBD Gummy bears are available in packs of 30 The more in a pack, the more you save! Each CBD gummy bear contains a concentrated dose of 10mg full spectrum CBD. 

Will CBD Gummy Bears Get You ‘High’?

As mentioned above, all gummy bears sold here at CBD Oil UK are legal health supplements. This means all our products contain both legal and safe amounts of THC – this in the UK is 0.01% THC (legal threshold). As all products on our site here at CBDOilUK.com are lab tested, you can ensure you’re taking both a legal and safe product!

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the part of cannabis which provides the ‘high’ – due to our products containing both legal and safe amounts of THC this means you will never get a ‘high’ or any sort of psychoactive effect when taking CBD gummies from us!

You can see more information regarding why CBD does not provide any sort of psychoactive effect by checking out this article from our friends at Honest Marijuana.

So are CBD Gummy Bears Good?

In conclusion, CBD Gummy Bears UK are a great way to take CBD, not only are they both tasty and easy to take but it is a cost effective in comparison to other methods and products out there right now. 

These are certainly a top seller for us right now and we expect that trend to continue with more and more people seeing the benefits when taking CBD Gummy Bears may it be for anxiety, arthritis, insomnia, stress or anything else.

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